Berlin: New Deli Yoga

Recently, I haven't been able to get the warm interior of New Deli Yoga out of my mind. My first official Berlin breakfast was in the cultural center of Kreuzberg. New Deli Yoga is a yoga studio fused with a cafe, and is essentially a Pinterest board come to life, Despite its minimalist interior, the hand written menus and chalkboards scrawled with specials were personal touches that made this place especially inviting. I had an awesome musli bowl and an exceptional iced coffee with my traveling mates before we embarked on a trip to see the remaining portions of the Berlin wall, which is just down the road.


This outfit is one of my favorites lately, so I'm disappointed that I couldn't get any full shots outside today. It was gorgeous: warm, sunny, and not too breezy. But of course everyone was busy and had things to do that did not allow for almost embarrassingly narcissistic taking of outfit photos, myself included. These photos above may or may not have made me five minutes late for my Music Appreciation lecture.

It's hard to believe that I almost didn't buy this top when I saw it last spring. Originally it had this layer of shiny white fabric underneath the lace, and frankly it looked rather cheap. Luckily, it took no more than five minutes to cut out that weird underlay. These shoes are also worth every penny I paid for them, all 100 of them. Yes, they cost me $1! No lie. I found them on the top of the dollar bin at my favorite thrift shop back home. One was missing a lace, but I just replaced them with ribbons and they were good enough to wear. I've kind of wanted to wear them with everything lately.

I've also got feather hair extensions! My friend mentioned that she was interested in getting them done at a salon down on South Street, but I had a hunch that they wouldn't be difficult to do by myself. I found this bunch on ebay; it came with instructions, two crimping beads, and a threading tool that was sort of like a squished bobby pin. The threading too didn't fit through the bead with my hair in it, so I improvised by looping a piece of string around the hair I wanted to attach the feathers to. Then I just pulled the ends of the string through the bead and my hair along with it, then I clamped it with a pair of pliers and it was done! I like them so much I'm seriously considering ordering some more, maybe in a subtle color that would sort of match my brown hair like red or yellow. What do you think?

After going to an event for a local clothing store on Sansom Street my friend and I indulged in some gelato for dessert. I tried the avocado flavor and I'm totally hooked! It was delicious! 

Crossing the bridge on the way back to University City, we caught the sun and lights casting a pretty reflection on the Schuylkill River.

It's hard to believe it's already the middle of the week. I hope yours is going well!

Lace shirt - Marshall's, $12
Skirt - Forever 21, $16
Brown doubled belt - Urban Outfitters, $6
Geode ring - H&M , $6
Brown wingtip oxfords - thrifted, $1